The Impact of Clinical Trials Is Both Immediate and Unmistakable

Clinical research can be an unheralded, even misunderstood field, but we have two important perspectives that demonstrate just how impactful clinical trials are
Doctor speaking with patient

Every year on May 20, the healthcare community comes together to celebrate Clinical Trials Day, which is a long-overdue recognition of the accomplishments made in medical research and the very real outcomes that affect patients’ lives. As a company whose mission is to bring clinical trials to anyone, anywhere, we add our sincere thanks to the many who give their time and efforts to make the science a market reality.

Clinical research can be an unheralded, even misunderstood field – few people outside the industry have a complete understanding of how much time and work go into bringing new medical devices or drugs to market. Even within the industry, the lengthy development times and challenging success rates can lead to a certain inertia about the efficacy of a program or even one’s individual contribution. But we have two important perspectives that demonstrate just how impactful clinical trials are.

Clinical trials have an immediate impact

The period between the first idea generation and FDA approval of a new therapy is years, and the excited promise of a new treatment can lose its luster as phases and approvals drag on. Moreover, we now have recent experience showing that a global pandemic can cause clinical trials to grind to an almost-complete halt, moving the horizon further out for some promising new therapies.

But for those studies that do result in a new device or drug brought to market, the impact on patients is swift. Hawthorne Effect was proud to have helped bring a new pericarditis treatment to market during the COVID pandemic, and one thankful patient gave us her story.

Clinical trials have an unmistakable impact

The list of healthcare professionals who work on a clinical study is long may include a wide range of roles, many of which may have no clinical presence or credentials. The dedicated people who fill these roles may be a part of a research project all the way to a therapy’s market introduction, but their names may not be found anywhere on, much less on anything surrounding the commercial device or product.

However, each person – investigators, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, coordinators, project managers, clinical specialists, patient advocates, and more – plays a crucial role in a study, and their contributions are undeniable. One of our own Hawthorne Effect project managers spoke to us about that.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the sponsors, professionals, and patients who participate in clinical trials, and we celebrate you every day. What you do is uniquely impactful.

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