Mobile Visit Solutions

Mobile Visit Solutions

Improving patient access, diversity, and retention.

Hawthorne Effect’s proven solution brings new medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and therapies to market with better speed and outcomes

Hawthorne Effect solves for the biggest trial challenges

Distance and time can combine to create patient access limitations and exacerbate attrition, which result in non-representative subject populations and missing data - ultimately jeopardizing regulatory approvals and market adoption.

The Traditional Way The Hawthorne Way
Complexity Unlocked

The Hawthorne Effect Trial Solution


Complex, Distributed Visit Orchestration

We ensure comprehensive investigator oversight by leveraging proprietary, transformational technology to automate complex orchestration and manage distributed touchpoints. The Visit Delivery Platform provides the building blocks to deliver real-time, validated, and highly accurate data for any clinical trial.


In-Person Clinical Touchpoints

We then match complex trial needs to trained and qualified medical professionals, whether leveraging the growing Hawthorne Hero network of 4K+ clinicians or augmenting with your network, to focus on the patient journey.

Health visitor and a senior man during home visit. A female nurse or a doctor showing test results on a tablet. High angle view.
African-American Male Nurse Measuring Blood Pressure of Mature Patient in the Livingroom.

Cutting-Edge Mobile Assessments

Hawthorne collects the highest quality data by deploying cutting-edge portable technology to perform assessments anywhere and enabling reliable data validation and interpretation.


Increased Patient Access

Expanded geographic catchment areas and patient enrollment from anywhere – even for those with limited mobility

Enabled Investigators

Standardized operations and consistent data quality and capture, extending research to new community providers

Improved Data Quality

Cleaner, faster, representative data that accelerates regulatory submissions and market introduction


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