Labcorp and Hawthorne Effect Collaborate to Bring Clinical Trials Directly to Patients and Investigators in Local Communities

Collaboration Aims to Improve Patient Experience, Accessibility and Efficiency in Decentralized Clinical Trials


Labcorp, a global leader of innovative and comprehensive laboratory services, and Hawthorne Effect, Inc., a complete clinical trials solution integrating technology, are pleased to announce a strategic collaboration to advance decentralized clinical trial capabilities for pharma, biotech and medical device sponsors seeking to increase patient diversity and inclusion, decrease site burden, and accelerate enrollment and clinical study timelines.

Through the collaboration, Labcorp and Hawthorne Effect aim to combine their services and create new, differentiated service offerings to support decentralized clinical trials. Hawthorne Effect’s comprehensive digital platform allows complex study visits and clinical data collection to be conducted seamlessly in the patient home or community and has been demonstrated to increase diverse patient participation, improve quality, completeness and timeliness of trial data, and accelerate trial timelines.

“At Labcorp, we are committed to making life-saving clinical trials more accessible, diverse and inclusive to all communities,” said Jonathan DiVincenzo, Labcorp’s President of Central Laboratories and International. “Through this collaboration, we look forward to combining Labcorp’s global laboratory network and logistics capabilities with Hawthorne Effect’s digital platform to advance our decentralized clinical trial capabilities, increase clinical trial accessibility and diversity, and bring greater value to patients, their physicians and our sponsors.”

“The combined expertise of both Labcorp and Hawthorne Effect will allow clinical trials to operate more efficiently with greater patient access and higher levels of compliance, resulting in timeline acceleration for customers,” said Jodi Akin, Founder, Hawthorne Effect. “These advancements highlight our shared commitment to improving health across the globe.”

About Labcorp

Labcorp (NYSE: LH) is a global leader of innovative and comprehensive laboratory services that helps doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, researchers and patients make clear and confident decisions. We provide insights and advance science to improve health and improve lives through our unparalleled diagnostics and drug development laboratory capabilities. The company’s more than 60,000 employees serve clients in over 100 countries, worked on over 80% of the new drugs approved by the FDA in 2022 and performed more than 600 million tests for patients around the world. Learn more about Labcorp at

About Hawthorne Effect

Hawthorne Effect is a complete clinical trials solution integrating technology and people to transform the clinical trials industry. Its technology-enabled platform and distributed network of certified medical professionals, Hawthorne Heroes, enable patients and clinicians to participate in trials within their trusted community. Its solution accelerates clinical research and generates evidence that makes clinical trials accessible and convenient while delivering meaningful and high-quality clinical assessments. Since launching in 2015, Hawthorne Effect has helped complete 76 trials and worked with industry leaders within medtech, biopharma, retail health and healthcare systems. Learn more about Hawthorne Effect by visiting

SOURCE Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings

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