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Medical professionals on the front lines of clinical research

Hawthorne Heroes are certified health professionals who represent a broad spectrum of therapeutic areas. Their certifications and study-specific training, aided by the latest equipment and technology, ensure collected assessment data is complete and accurate.

Unlock patient access for all trials

The Hawthorne Hero network includes more than 4,000 professionals across all 50 states and OUS. Our Heroes are nurses, sonographers, PAs/NPs, and allied health professionals who live and work where clinical trials are taking place - giving you unparalleled reach.

Our combination of technology + people enables greater patient access to clinical trials and reduced burden by bringing the visit and care to their convenience.

Certified + Credentialed

Our Heroes are credentialed health professionals who are thoroughly evaluated before joining the network. They receive fundamental clinical trial certifications and study-specific training before every visit.

Remote + On Demand

Our growing Hero network eliminates geographical barriers that prevent patient access, allowing sponsors to reach representative populations and ensure visits take place in-window.

Caring + Dedicated

Hawthorne Heroes share our passion for making a difference in patients’ lives. Their commitment to the clinical trial process comes from a desire to advance the boundaries of science so that everyone can thrive.

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“Hawthorne Effect is enabling the conduct of a seminal prevalence study assessing cardiovascular disease by performing complex assessments such as echocardiograms in patient homes. It is a game-changer for clinical trials.”
David Cohen, MD, MSc
David Cohen, MD, MSc
Hero/Principal Investigator
“One thing that I've always noticed with the majority of my Hawthorne visits is how comfortable the patients and their families are with a Hero coming into their home.”
Adam Schiller, RCS
Adam Schiller, RCS
Hawthorne Hero
“Having Hawthorne Effect as a partner in one of our pivotal trials was beneficial to both our patients and clinicians by creating expanded patient access which resulted in higher enrollment and better follow-up rates.”
Global VP Clinical Affairs
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Hawthorne Effect unlocks complexity and helps turn cutting-edge research into market reality for sponsors and investors

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Healthcare professionals have one thing in common: the passion for making a difference in patients’ lives. We invite you to expand your impact by becoming a critical link in the clinical research chain.

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