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About Hawthorne Effect

Our approach

We make the complex possible - and personal

Hawthorne Effect was founded in 2015 to solve for long-standing challenges in architecting clinical trials of all sizes and difficulties. As research became more complex and regulations more burdensome, we recognized the need to close the data gap by bringing trials directly to investigators and patients in their communities. By combining innovative technology with compassionate medical professionals, we are literally opening doors to new therapies and making research a part of each patient's healthcare experience.

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Our Purpose

To save lives by enabling healthcare leaders, doctors, and patients to make informed decisions about their real-world healthcare journey

Our Vision

To improve clinical and commercial outcomes, advance medicine, and bring the patient-clinician relationship back home

Our Mission

To make clinical trials accessible and convenient for every patient and deliver meaningful and high-quality clinical assessments for investigators

Our Values

We value human lives and embrace a dynamic sense of diversity, equity, compassion, and precision

We are shifting the clinical paradigm

Hawthorne Effect is changing the landscape to improve opportunities for patients and the enhance the quality and impact of medical research - one patient visit at a time

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Our Secret

People + Technology

Technology is an equalizer and enabler in clinical trials, allowing researchers to automate complex orchestration and manage distributed touchpoints. But we combine it with dynamic medical professionals, entrepreneurs, designers, developers, and creators to take trials directly to communities and deliver market results on the most-complex research.

Our stories


“Hawthorne Effect is enabling the conduct of a seminal prevalence study assessing cardiovascular disease by performing complex assessments such as echocardiograms in patient homes. It is a game-changer for clinical trials.”
David Cohen, MD, MSc
David Cohen, MD, MSc
Hero/Principal Investigator
“Having Hawthorne Effect as a partner in one of our pivotal trials was beneficial to both our patients and clinicians by creating expanded patient access which resulted in higher enrollment and better follow-up rates.”
Global VP Clinical Affairs
“I'll live longer just to have my Heroes come every year!”
Opal S.
Clinical Trial Patient

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