Become a Hawthorne Hero

Become a Hawthorne Hero

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Join the front lines of clinical research

Hawthorne Effect brings trials directly to investigators and patients in their communities by combining innovative technology with compassionate medical professionals, and we invite experienced healthcare experts to grow their careers by becoming part of the Hawthorne Hero network. Our Heroes are capable, motivated, and diverse - more importantly, they are dedicated to improving patients lives and the future of medicine for humanity.

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The Hawthorne Hero Journey

Every member of our Hero network undergoes a thorough vetting and credentialing process to ensure our patients are receiving the best care. Once you are part of the team, there is a simple four-part process that empowers you to participate in cutting-edge research.

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Review & Accept

Get notified when visits are available in your area, review the details, then accept or decline

Get Certified

Complete required certifications digitally, at your own pace through Hawthorne University

Complete a Visit

Schedule the visit, receive your supplies, and upload any data collected

Get Compensated

Submit your assessment — once approved, payment is remitted to your account

Hawthorne Hero Benefits

Our Hero network comprises everything from physicians, advanced practice providers, and nurses to allied health professionals – all of whom get back almost as much as they give to our patients.

Blaze a trail by ensuring patients can participate in cutting-edge trials, and advance the boundaries of science.

We give you the training and certifications you need to conduct clinical trial assessments. As a Hawthorne Hero, you’ll gain vital research experience while building a valuable professional network to expand your career opportunities.

Your Hero work pays handsomely – giving you that good feeling from helping a patient in need and earning income. The amount paid per visit varies based on the trial, but the compensation is always competitive.

If you become part of the Hawthorne Hero Network and know someone who might also be interested in becoming a Hero, refer them and you could receive Amazon gift cards after they are onboarded and complete their first visit!

  • 1st-4th referral: $50 gift card
  • 5th referral: $100 gift card
  • 6th-9th referral: $50 gift card
  • 10th referral: $100 gift card

Send people to this link and make sure they put your name as the referrer!

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Partner with us to take clinical trials directly to patients

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit compensation varies based on the clinical trial, the complexity of the required follow-up, expected visit duration, and travel time. Hawthorne Effect uses an above-market premium rate for required credentials or specialties.

Absolutely. Most of our Heroes work full-time and conduct visits on days off, weekends, and weekday evenings to accommodate this. Hawthorne Hero visits should be considered a source of additional income and professional satisfaction.

Yes, we have a custom learning resource center (Hawthorne University) where Heroes obtain the certifications they need per clinical trial protocols. The online system is modular and user-friendly, allowing both Heroes and the Hawthorne Effect team to track certifications. Heroes who have obtained certifications through other platforms such as CITI or BlueCloud can upload them to their Hero profiles.

Yes. An attractive aspect of the Hawthorne Effect model is planning visits so they can fit around your busy schedule. When offered a visit opportunity, you will indicate your availability, and visit times are matched based on the patient’s schedule. Hawthorne Effect provides technical and project management support in visit scheduling.

Yes, you may accept or decline opportunities. Each visit invitation is a different opportunity, and the choice will be yours; you need only to select visits that are amenable to your schedule and preferences.

Heroes are engaged on a per-visit basis as independent contractors.

Hawthorne Effect curates the latest technologies for patient assessments, data capture, data transfer, communications, scheduling, etc. As a hero, you will be part of exciting clinical trials where the most current therapies, drugs, and devices are evaluated and introduced into the healthcare system. You will have the first line of sight on patients’ responses to new treatments, and your role will impact the evolution of healthcare.

Visits will generally occur in the patient’s home or another mutually convenient location appropriate for the follow-up required. If you are an independent physician with your own office conveniently located for the patient, you may invite the patient to have their visit conducted in your office.

The visits will be reasonably close to where you live or work based on your preferences. You can define how far you want to drive (for example, no more than 30 miles or whatever number works for you). But we won’t ask you to fly somewhere or drive long hours to a far-away visit unless you have indicated a preference for travel. If you have more than one home or would like to conduct visits while traveling away from home, we will provide you with the opportunity to share this information with us via multiple address fields in your Hero profile.

We match people by geography, skills, and certifications corresponding to the patient and the clinical study. 

No, you would not be on-call. The schedules for clinical trial visits are known well in advance, which makes it easy to plan. No “on call” scheduling or “office hours.”

We provide each Hero with professional liability insurance via a pooled risk policy for one year following each visit.

Visit duration will reflect the number and nature of assessments performed. Visits may be shorter than 15 minutes or up to two hours in length. Complex cardiovascular trials are generally 60-90 minutes. 

Visit cadence will depend mainly on your geography and the company’s maturity. As our company’s client base and project volume grow, visit opportunities will increase. We will keep Heroes informed as new projects take place in their geographies.