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Hawthorne Effect brings clinical trials to anyone, anywhere with a tech-driven solution and trusted healthcare professionals

Providing complex mobile clinical trial visits anywhere

Extending site, patient access, and reach while providing seamless investigator oversight


Pharmaceutical sponsors need pristine, representative data to bring new drugs to market, and Hawthorne Effect is a proven partner.


Medtech research sponsors rely on our expertise and experience to bring devices to market and manage complex, long-term follow-up.


Hawthorne Effect helps bring world-class clinical trials to healthcare systems anywhere, giving them new research capabilities.

Hero Network

A mobile solution to reach patients in their communities

With a Hawthorne Hero within 50 miles of 85% of the US population and the efficiency of the Visit Delivery Platform, studies can expand catchment and enroll patients from anywhere – even those with limited mobility. That means better geographic, demographic, and sociographic representation.

Visit delivery platform

Optimizing Mobile Visits With Technology

The Visit Delivery Platform enables fast, cost-effective, and higher-quality mobile visits. Heroes are rapidly matched to patients and visits are seamlessly scheduled. This efficient solution improves quality and delivers real-time, validated, and highly accurate data for any clinical trial.

Improving Data Quality

A solution that strengthens data submissions

Hawthorne Effect’s model addresses compliance to GCP and other regulatory standards while still ensuring in-window assessments and improved patient retention. Complete, timely, and high-conformity data, combined with improved diversity and representation, produces accelerated submission-ready data and faster regulatory approvals.

Hawthorne Hero nurse

The Hawthorne Effect Advantage

Patient Access

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Distributed Trial Conduct

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We were founded to address the most-critical issues in clinical trials: missing data, limited diversity, slow approvals, and more. Ultimately, solving these challenges puts research at the heart of the healthcare journey.

Our stories


“Hawthorne Effect is enabling the conduct of a seminal prevalence study assessing cardiovascular disease by performing complex assessments such as echocardiograms in patient homes. It is a game-changer for clinical trials.”
David Cohen, MD, MSc
David Cohen, MD, MSc
Hero/Principal Investigator
“Having Hawthorne Effect as a partner in one of our pivotal trials was beneficial to both our patients and clinicians by creating expanded patient access which resulted in higher enrollment and better follow-up rates.”
Global VP Clinical Affairs
“I'll live longer just to have my Heroes come every year!”
Opal S.
Clinical Trial Patient
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