Hawthorne Cloud

Technology that builds beyond brick-and-mortar

The Hawthorne Cloud is a comprehensive solution that surpasses the virtual experience and provides the building blocks to deliver real-time, validated, and highly accurate data for any clinical trial

SaaS technology that architects complex, distributed visits with efficiency

The Hawthorne Effect platform provides four key components to manage the clinical trial journey among researchers, clinicians, and trial participants

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Intelligent Matching

Intelligent Matching

Accelerates enrollment and reaches patients wherever they are by accessing a broad global network of clinical investigators and Hawthorne Heroes to navigate the participants through their study visit journey.

Adaptive Assessment

Adaptive Assessment

Enables comprehensive screenings and longitudinal follow-up, increasing a patient’s ability to fully and thoroughly participate. Hawthorne Heroes can administer a range of highly complex in-home assessments and optimize responsiveness to protocol demands.

Universal Enrollment

Universal Enrollment

Ensures diverse participant populations and supports broader patient access to trials. The Hawthorne Cloud platform integrates with existing recruiting platforms, facilitates virtual enrollments, and provides both a centralized view of enrollment statistics and a unified patient experience.

Verified, Real-Time Data

Verified, Real-Time Data

Facilitates data collection, verification, and distribution, providing the highest-quality evidence. In today’s evolving ecosystem of multi-model and highly complex visits, providing a seamless experience for the clinician and patient is key to collecting high-quality clinical evidence and accelerating data delivery for FDA or publication.

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Proven clinical trials success

Hawthorne Effect unlocks complexity and helps turn cutting-edge research into market reality for sponsors and investors

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